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Pittsburgh Lawyers For Victims Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

If you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you may have been left feeling confused and violated. At the Pennsylvania law office of Logan & Logan, you will find compassionate Pittsburgh sexual harassment attorneys who are dedicated to helping you take control of your situation. Inappropriate behavior should never be tolerated on the job.

Helping You Handle an Uncomfortable Situation

Sexual harassment is inappropriate behavior that continues despite your complaints. For example, a co-worker, supervisor or manager may continue to make unwanted sexual advances, vulgar comments, or lewd, inappropriate gestures. Occasionally, they may even offer career advancement in exchange for sex, or threaten to fire you if you reject the request for sex.

At Logan & Logan, an empathetic lawyer will advise you of your rights and work with you to determine how best to handle the situation. With your assistance, our lawyers may be able to accomplish one or all of the following:

  • Persuade your employer to make the offensive behavior stop
  • Convince the employer to punish/terminate the wrongdoer
  • Force your employer to develop a sexual harassment policy, or to enforce such a policy if one is already in place
  • Ensure that you will not be retaliated against if you choose to complain about the offensive behavior

Unfortunately, this method is not always successful, especially in a case where you have already complained about the sexual harassment and you have, in turn, been retaliated against. The law requires an employer to conduct a prompt investigation and to take prompt, effective action to stop the offensive behavior. If your employer has not taken the proper action, contact us immediately to discuss your legal options. If you have been subject to retaliation, we can also help file a retaliation claim.

Experience You Can Rely On

Our Pennsylvania employment law attorneys will meet with you to develop a plan of action that makes sense according to your specific circumstances. With more than 75 years of combined experience in employment law, we have learned that no two cases are the same. That is why we are dedicated to getting all the facts from you, hearing your side of the story and moving forward accordingly.

Whether you wish to attempt to settle your case out of court through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration, or file a sexual harassment complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC), a skilled sexual harassment attorney at Logan & Logan can help.

Our Attorneys Can File an Allegheny County Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

If you have been fired for complaining about harassing behavior or are otherwise experiencing harassment at work, we can help. Contact our Pittsburgh sexual harassment lawyers online or call 412-765-0983 for your free initial telephone consultation. From our office in Pittsburgh, we serve the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and the western third of Pennsylvania. For example from Erie in the north to Washington and Fayette and Greene counties in the southwest, and Johnstown and Greensburg in the east.

The Pennsylvania employment law attorneys of Logan & Logan, in Pittsburgh, offer experienced legal assistance to Western Pennsylvania residents of Adams, Bedford, Bell, Cranberry, Derry, Dunbar, Erie, Greensburg, Hempfield, Jenner, Johnstown, Ligonier, Madison, McCandless, Monroe, Monroeville, North Sewickley, Perry, Peters, Washington, Wharton, Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Beaver County, Butler County, Fayette County, Washington County, and Westmoreland County.