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Pittsburgh Employment Lawyers For Severance Negotiations And Extrication Agreements

Severance and extrication agreements are generally offered when an employer wants an employee to leave but does not necessarily want to terminate him/her. The employment law attorneys of Logan & Logan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have reviewed and drafted well over 1,000 such agreements over the course of our more than 75 years of combined employment law experience.

In most cases, the employee who is offered a severance package has been with the company for a long time, and the company has an established severance policy. The amount of severance is usually based on the length of employment.

If you received notification that you are being laid off or terminated and have been offered a severance agreement, you need an experienced employment law attorney to sit down with you, guide you through all of your options, and help you make a decision based on your own individual needs.

When you receive a severance package, you have to agree to waive your right to file a lawsuit against the company. In this event, the severance package is offered in consideration for not suing the employer. If our lawyers believe you have valid legal claims, we can contact your employer and say that we believe you deserve enhanced severance pay.

Sometimes our lawyers are able to come to a satisfactory resolution of termination, layoff, or severance issues. Sometimes we are not, and then the employee has to decide whether to take the amount of severance that is offered and waive his/her right to sue, or pass up the severance and sue.

Extrication Agreements

Extrication packages are generally offered to executives and higher level managers. Employers may offer an extrication package when it would be difficult to terminate the employee, when the employee may have a legal claim, or when the company simply wants to do the right thing. Our lawyers represent employers or employees in negotiating extrication packages.

You should never sign a severance or extrication agreement without first speaking in detail with a competent employment rights lawyer.

If you have questions or concerns regarding severance and extrication agreements, contact our lawyers today for your free initial telephone consultation. We are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and Western Pennsylvania.

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