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Experienced Counsel For Physician Employment Contracts

After you have graduated from medical school, you will be eager to put all of your years of hard work into practice. When you get offered your first job, it is important that you not enter into any employment contract without getting the advice of seasoned legal counsel. At Logan & Logan, our Pittsburgh physician employment contract attorneys will review your contract and let you know in plain terms what is being asked of you. We can also help with any disputes related to a contract you have already entered into.

Navigating Non-Compete Agreements

Nearly every physician employment contract will contain what is known as a non-compete agreement. Essentially, these will state that you agree to not practice as a doctor in a certain geographical radius for a set number of years after leaving your employer. Oftentimes, these clauses can be particularly onerous, and may even affect your opportunities to moonlight. Our experienced Pennsylvania employment law lawyers can review your contract to see if such clauses are likely to be enforced.

Resolving Contract Disputes

Many times, people will not be aware of a non-compete agreement or other strict clauses in their contracts until they leave their employer and the employer attempts to enforce the contract. This can be burdensome for people who are prevented from finding work in their field. At the Pittsburgh law firm of Logan & Logan, our attorneys can try to get your employer to compensate you for the time during which you were unable to work, or to not enforce the clause in question. The chances of success depend on your unique circumstances.

Negotiation and Mediation

It is best to deal with non-compete agreements and other contract terms before they are signed. Our lawyers can negotiate with your employer to draft a contract that best serves your interests. If you do sign a contract that later proves to be burdensome, you may have to resolve your dispute through mediation or arbitration. We can represent you in this capacity, or act as a neutral third-party in an attempt to help both sides resolve their dispute out of court.

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If you are a physician and have questions or concerns regarding an employment contract, we can help. Contact our Pittsburgh physician employment contract lawyers online or call 412-765-0983 for your free initial telephone consultation. From our office in Pittsburgh, we serve the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and the western third of Pennsylvania. For example from Erie in the north to Washington and Fayette and Greene counties in the southwest, and Johnstown and Greensburg in the east.

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