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Legal Counsel For Physician Contracts And Benefits Packages

A job offer is the culmination of years of medical studies and hard work. While you want to begin your career as a physician as soon as you can, signing a contract without an attorney’s review can lead to problems in the future. At Logan & Logan, our attorneys are proactive in looking over agreements and resolving disputes when they arise.

Allegheny County Physician Employment Contract Lawyer

Physician contracts are filled with complicated terminology and legalese. You need an attorney who will explain the agreement to you in a language you can understand. Attending to every detail requires the lawyers at Logan & Logan to review all aspects of a contract that include the following:

  • Benefits packages – Language defining benefits are major components in a physician’s contract. New physicians share a primary concern in the medical malpractice insurance that their company provides. While smaller medical facilities in rural location are flexible in negotiation, large companies save those discussions for doctors possessing a unique specialty.
  • Productivity requirements – Relative value units (RVU) are measured differently from facility to facility. These metrics are linked to doctors’ salaries, measuring their time, skill, training and intensity to perform medical procedures. Failure to complete a certain number of procedures reduces both RVUs and income. Oftentimes, physicians’ feel pressure and can be tempted to increase RVUs by performing unnecessary procedures.
  • Relocation expenses – Specific issues arise when jobs are offered in other states. A physician employment contract involving a move should have language that provides money for relocation costs, often in the form of a signing bonus. Negotiations often revolve around a set waiting period where a resignation would result in partial or complete reimbursement of the moving expenses.

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