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Drafting And Litigation Of Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements have become a big issue for a large number of employees, particularly in sales. When you are hired by a company, your employer may say that as a part of your employment you are going to have to sign a non-compete agreement. In most cases, this means that if you decide to leave the company or if the company terminates you, you will not be able to work for a company that competes with your employer for a period of time—usually one year.

Many non-compete agreements are confusing or ambiguous, and you should never sign such an agreement without first speaking in detail with a competent employment rights attorney. If you unintentionally breach the terms of that contract, the employer may try to sue you for violating your contract.

A lot of people consult us about a non-compete agreement after they have been terminated. It seems unfair to enforce a non-compete agreement when someone is terminated. It can be a burden for people who are prevented from finding work in their chosen field, where they have built up relationships and knowledge. If you are in this situation, our lawyers can try to get your employer to compensate you during that period of time when you are unable to work for a competing company. Sometimes we can do this, and sometimes we can’t.

It is very hard for a worker to get out of a non-compete agreement once it is signed. Our attorneys try to resolve non-compete claims by first negotiating the clause with your employer’s attorneys. If that is unsuccessful, our Pittsburgh contract dispute attorneys are fully capable of taking your case to court.

The employment law attorneys of Logan & Logan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have reviewed and litigated hundreds of non-compete agreements during our more than 75 years of combined legal practice. If you have questions or concerns regarding a non-compete agreement, contact our lawyers today for your free initial telephone consultation. We are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and Western Pennsylvania.

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