Handling gender discrimination in the workforce in Pennsylvania

Handling gender discrimination in the workforce in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Employment Law

Despite years of progress, there is still a great deal of gender discrimination against women in the workplace. The gender discrimination affects all women, including women who hold executive positions.

It is a fact that for a lot of years in the past, men dominated certain industries. That is not to say that there has not been any kind of evolution. In many cases, the numbers of women in many different industries has risen significantly but the numbers are not as high as they should be or what was expected. Also, one of them main aspects of the discrimination are in compensation.

Women are often paid less than men for the same job and responsibilities. The result of this is that many people who could make an extremely positive contribution are not being utilized properly and they are unhappy because they are not being paid what they deserve.

Is this a new problem in the workforce?

This is certainly not a new problem. What is really difficult to understand is why the discrimination has not yet been eliminated. In a large number of cases, the issue of gender discrimination has been resolved for women in lower positions but the problem still persists when it comes to women at the executive level.

In many gender discrimination cases, courts are somewhat reluctant to step on the toes of the employers. For instance, in a case where a woman says she was discriminated against at work because of her gender, a judge doesn’t have the same knowledge of the candidate and the needs of the company as an employer does.

The other side of the coin

Although the employer might be the best one in general to make a decision regarding one candidate over another, that doesn’t mean that the candidate should be treated unfairly and judge based on their gender. In that sense, the court has a responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t happen that way, at least for those cases that end up in court. The fact is that discrimination is wrong and it is illegal and it should not be allowed to continue.

If you have experienced something similar to what is being discussed here, it may help your case a great deal to consult a Pennsylvania employment attorney who can give you solid legal advice and who can help you to understand what to do and what to expect. You can set up a plan of action with your attorney that will be the most appropriate for your particular case. Hopefully, you will get what you deserve and be able to look forward to a bright future in your career.