Providing guidance before you sign a severance agreement

Providing guidance before you sign a severance agreement

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Severance Agreements

Most workers in Pennsylvania imagine their last day of work being the day before they retire. While this is the case for many, others reach their last day at a company due to termination or a layoff.

Unlike a firing that simply terminates your employment, you are presented with a severance package. This is something you have never seen or were prepared for, causing you to question if you need to accept this or if you could fight to keep your job.

Understanding severance agreements

At Logan & Logan, our law firm understands that it can be a confusing and emotional event when you receive a severance package. Our attorneys focus on explaining what is being presented to them, along with their rights and options available to them.

In essence, a severance agreement is often presented to employees that have been with a company for a significant amount of time. While the company may have an established severance policy, the amount offered to an employee is often based on their length of employment with the company.

Your legal options

When a company presents an employee with a severance package, they are asking the employee to waive their right to file suit against them. The company’s consideration for this agreement is the severance package.

While an employee may feel obligated to accept what is being presented to them, the reality is that they have options and the ability to negotiate the terms.

Legal professionals can review these agreements, assessing the terms and determining if the agreement is in fact fair and reasonable. Whether you seek to enhance the severance pay or alter other terms of the agreement, it is possible to negotiate these terms.

If you can’t reach an agreement, you could pass up the severance agreement and sue the employer.

Employment law matters can be complex, confusing and emotional. As such, it is important to become informed and guided through the process, as this ensures your rights and interests are protected.