Female physicians should be aware of trends for their salaries

Female physicians should be aware of trends for their salaries

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Physicians who have just completed their schooling and are looking for employment in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania will undoubtedly be excited to get their medical career off the ground. Still, there are business concerns as physicians set about moving forward with their work.

Not all medical professionals are experienced in negotiating contracts and the business end of being a doctor. This can leave them vulnerable to various challenges that frequently arise. One is the reality that some employers might pay them less than they would other candidates with the same credentials. This is especially prevalent along gender lines with females earning less money than their male counterparts. When there are issues with a contract, it may be important to have professional help.

Study: Gender plays a role in female physicians earning less

According to a recently published study in JAMA Network, starting salaries were an average of 10% less for females than they were for males in 42 out of 45 subspecialties. Not only does this cause them financial obstacles when they start out, but it negatively impacts how much they earn through the course of their careers compared with men. Over the initial decade of their work as a physician, they are earning far less.

This is also a problem in subspecialties where women tend to dominate. In those categories, women are earning less, but so are men. Men see a median reduction of $7,500 less in pay whereas there are 10% more women in the subspecialty. Women are faced with double that in losses. The authors say that this can be addressed by giving males and females equal salaries when they begin their careers. Schools could also help by making evaluations as to how much physicians would be paid.

Legal help could be important with employment law issues in medicine

People might not think about physicians and others who work in the health industry in the context of employment law, but the same concerns can arise in this industry as with any other. As this research suggests, salary woes are a common occurrence and they are often in place due to gender and subspecialties.

Physician’s contracts are legal documents just like other types of employment and knowing what is fair is essential. Frequently, new physicians are not prepared for this type of mistreatment. When it is discovered, it is wise to have assistance.


A contract where the physician was taken advantage of or has had their agreement violated should not be accepted as part of the process of working their way up. Everyone has rights and these should be exercised with help from experienced professionals who know what to look for in contracts and how to address problems as they arise.