Race discrimination among physicians

Race discrimination among physicians

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By the time they are in practice, doctors have generally worked very hard to achieve success and to come as close to perfection as possible. That striving for perfection as a physician is one of the main reasons that patients trust doctors in the first place. It is all about the physician’s skill, knowledge and ability. One factor that should not be relevant is the physician’s skin color.

In a perfect world, race would never be an issue. Unfortunately, in this world, racial bias can cause a great deal of negativity and can detrimentally affect job performance and the physician’s future.

There have been many cases in which a person is hired for a high-level position and strives to use their skill and knowledge to the best of their ability and racial discrimination gets in the way and ruins everything that they have worked for.

Racial discrimination can emerge subtly or overtly

Sadly, racial discrimination is an extremely common occurrence and can happen in many different ways. In fact, many people express some form or racial discrimination or another without even being consciously aware of it. It does not help the situation that there are fewer Black physicians than physicians of other races.

According to researchers, many Black physicians don’t report discrimination. They are afraid that they will suffer on the job if they speak up about their experience.

According to statistics from the Association of American Medical Colleges, Black physicians represent only 5% of all working physicians in the United States. Interestingly, the medical institutions recognize the need for more racial balance and they are making efforts to attract Black medical students to the field.

Legal advice from a knowledgeable Pennsylvania attorney

If you have experienced racial discrimination on the job, it may be very valuable to your case if you consult a knowledgeable Pennsylvania discrimination attorney who may be able to help you to get the compensation that you need and that you deserve while protecting your rights at the same time.