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How older job hunters in Pennsylvania can find employment

Older job seekers might need a few tips to help them land a job and overcome obstacles unique to their age.

Life can take a few unexpected turns, leaving older workers in Pennsylvania looking for work before they are ready to retire. While age discrimination can most certainly be a factor in being turned down for a job, it is also possible that you simply are not properly prepared. Before putting in another application and while getting ready for your next interview, read up on a few tips to help improve your chances of landing a job as an older job hunter.

Have a professional social media profile

Even an older person who is tech savvy might not have a LinkedIn profile. Setting one up can go a long way in not only getting hired, but tracking down leads on companies that are looking for candidates who have your abilities, skills and work history. Professional social media platforms allow you to post videos, presentations and specifics on the type of position you desire.

Keep up with your industry

Depending on how long you have been out of your chosen industry, times might have changed in the last several years. If so, you will want to brush up on the latest technology, trends, leading companies and the like. While you might have more experience than most recent college graduates, they could have a leg up on you if they are more familiar with current industry equipment.

Make your resume sing

No matter how much experience you might have, you are unlikely to get called back for very many interviews if you have a lackluster resume. One of the most important things to do is shave your document down to no more than two pages, including only the last 10 years of experience. Personalize each resume for the job to which you are applying, and look for ways to demonstrate your skills rather than simply listing them. Additionally, look for keywords in the job posting to include in your resume to get past Applicant Tracking Software companies have started to use.

Do not let pride get in the way

Before you think you might have been overlooked for a position due to age or gender discrimination, take a step back and consider the fact that you may have let your pride get in the way. It could be that you do not want the same job you had 10 years ago, or maybe you asked for too high of a salary. If you really want a position, negotiate for more vacation days, a personalized benefits package or the ability to telecommute to balance things out.

If you feel you truly were denied a job in the state of Pittsburgh because of your age, know that you have legal options. Speak with an attorney to explore your legal options.

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