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Upon the completion of medical school, residency or fellowships, anticipation grows for that all-important first job. A physician contract is the realization of a longtime dream. However, proactive legal steps must be taken, specifically in the wording of no-compete clauses. On your behalf, the attorneys at Logan & Logan will review the agreement with attention to ever detail.

Allegheny County Locum Tenens Contract Lawyer

Most physician employment contracts contain language establishing provisions should you decide to leave. A non-compete agreement requires that you agree to not practice as a doctor within a specific geographical radius for a pre-determined waiting period. Far too often, the clauses are limiting, if not punitive. Working a second job could equal a violation of the agreement.

At Logan & Logan, our attorneys analyze no-compete agreements and go in-depth to determine the enforceability of the clauses. While you want to begin working, you are also entitled to options following the end of your employment. Working in a large metropolitan area makes an onerous and lengthy no-compete agreement extremely limiting.

Independent contractor agreements (formally known as Locum Tenens) are signed when a hospital has a short-term need to fill a much-needed role. When full-time jobs are not available, a temporary position of three months to a year is an attractive option. However, Locum Tenens can also contain strict no-compete agreements.

Exceptions to no-competes include a medical professional working in a certain type of program moving to a facility that does not have that program. Being free of no competes can add and improve skill sets that make a medical professional more attractive to employers.

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